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My Cheetah Conservation Fund Adventure

January 19, 2012
Cheetah Conservation Fund

I had the most amazing adventure in 2011 on a trip to the the Cheetah Conservation Fund, aka, CCF. This is the most amazing place and a wonderful organization. I volunteered there for two weeks, and wish it could have been longer. I will be back, hopefully this year, as this is something that changes your life and affects your soul.

I was in awe of the cheetah and what the organization does. I was also totally surprized, in a wonderful way, at the things I got to do and be a part of.

As a volunteer, I was not sure if I would be working in the office and would get a tiny bit of cheetah expose or what. Instead, I got daily cheetah exposure, hands on experience working with wild cheetah, as well as other animals on the farm Each day was better than the next.

I wrote in a journal because of the lack of internet availability, so I will transcribe my daily journals here and post them daily as if the trip were in progress again. My photos will also be up soon on my travel photo blog page. Links to follow.


Amboselli Baby Baboon

December 25, 2010

Amboseli Africa, oh how amazing the trip was.  If you have even the slightest thought of going to East Africa, go, do it, you will never regret it and you will be changed.  It is the most wonderful experiance.  The animals are everywhere.  We all kept saying it felt like we were in a movie like Jurasic Park, you just can’t believe the animals.

They are all around you and do not run away.  We drove up to lions one after another and got 10 feet away and they did not even flinch.  We say cheetas hunting and teaching the babies.  Leopards, oh my god, so beautiful.

I went on an Abercrombie and Kent tour ( and it was really great.  It was very deluxe and everything was taken care of.  We staying in “tents’ but they were so comfortable.  You have a regular queen size bed in the tent, many had plumbing and electricity.  A few were truely mobile tents that the tour put up for us as we arrived, but even those were huge and had a bathroom.

Africa is an amazing place and I can not wait to go back. Click the photo to get to my Shutterfly photo site.  Check it out.